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15 + years of experience in the automotive industry & PDR experience


Mike Medford

I have been in the automotive industry for 15 + years

We specialize in the removal of Door Dings, Crease Dents, Hail Damage, Dents Big or Small we work with all insurance companies
Paintless Dent Repair or Paintless Dent Removal is also known as “PDR” Paintless Dent Repair means no repainting the vehicles damaged area will be needed. Because the vehicles are repaired without painting. The value of the vehicle is restored to it’s preexisting condition.
Dent Expert PDR keeps the original  paint unharmed during the PDR process. Vehicles have a higher resale and lease return value after PDR repairs than after traditional repairs. Car appraisers can easily determine if a vehicle has been previously painted. Vehicles that have been painted poorly will be worth less than a vehicles that have high quality painted repairs. However vehicles repaired with the  PDR process retain the highest resale value. Keep your vehicle original and use PDR! PDR techs use specially designed PDR tools to access the dent from behind the panel and gently work the damaged area back to it’s original condition.
Because the PDR process involves no painting it’s ECO-Friendly! Paintless Dent Repair doesn’t involve body fillers, paints or the use of other chemicals that harm the atmosphere. It also eliminates any waste disposal fees associated with conventional repairs. Paintless Dent Repair service leaves a very small footprint on the environment! Do your part and choose Paintless Dent Repair First!

Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage must be one of the most frequent insurance claims, not only in America, but across the world. Storms are increasing in intensity and regardless of the reasons for this; we would still like to keep one of our most prized possessions as pristine as the day we bought it. For our services related to Hail Repair click below.

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Asheville, North Carolina and nearby areas

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(828) 273-1356

Our Process

Many people consider Paintless Dent Repair/Removal (PDR) as a “new fad”, but it has been practiced and refined since the early 1960s. This means that millions of cars have received this treatment with great results and you can rest assured that the methods we employ are the best in the industry. Check it out, click below.

Luxury Vehicles

Having bought a luxury car, your major concern is for it to retain its value. After all, you have invested a great deal of money and any kind of damage to your investment shouldn’t decrease its resale value. Whether it is damage caused by hail or careless pedestrians and motorists, you want to minimize the time and cost involved in repairing such damage.
One of the main differences between a luxury car or restored classic and all the other models, is their enhanced structural components. Skilled and highly experienced technicians, such as the ones here at Dent Expert PDR, are able to assess the damage to your vehicle and from the severity of the damage, are able to quickly determine the best method to employ to restore your vehicle to pristine condition. All dents are different.

Hail Removal & Paintless Dent Repair
Mobile & Certified shop

What Clients Say:


He’s extremely professional

Being in the automotive industry, I've trusted Mike's Dent Removal with my customers for several years. My customers are VERY particular about the quality of repairs! Ask for Mike...he's one of the most skilled dent technicians I've used. When it comes to dents, or dings ...I call Mike! He's extremely professional and is very meticulous with his work!

He is the best!

Whenever we have an exotic or specialty vehicle Mike is the only guy we trust to work on them. After many years of working with dent guys we are very lucky to find Mike. No one compares to him he is the best!

Quick Tips

If you’re searching for DIY tips for getting rid of dents, you might end up leaving your car with more damage than it was at first. For small or big dents, you might want to consider a more professional solution. Paintless dent repair restores the dented area to near perfection, all without requiring leaving your car at a body shop for days. The process can actually be done at home, but professional techs tend to provide superior results. At Dent Expert PDR, we are a comprehensive auto hail damage repair service provider. Our signature services include: Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), Dent Removal and Auto Hail Damage Estimating. From auto body shops and collision centers to insurance companies, fleets and auto dealerships – our mobile teams are always available to provide assistance when you need it most. Click below for more information.


Top Choice of Hail Repair & Dent Removal Service Serving Areas

When it comes to dent repair, most companies simply paint over damaged areas. While this technique helps to hide dents from the untrained eye, it fails to address the compromised structural integrity of the vehicle’s exterior body.
We provide only high quality Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) to all makes and models of vehicles, removing those unsightly and annoying dents. We have successfully repaired vehicles around Asheville North Carolina and nearby areas.

Our commitment to high quality dent removal is the cornerstone of our existence. With each repair we strive to demonstrate why we are the premier Paintless Dent Removal company servicing North Carolina and nearby areas.  We specialize in all sizes and types of damage and always offer a rock solid 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are not thrilled with the results of our efforts you do not pay!
Whether you have door dings, medium to large damage or hail has struck in our area, call us for a fast estimate and timely repair.  You and your car will be happy you did.

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